Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tourist Trip from your Computer!

A while ago we decided to go for a drive and see some of our area that we had heard about but not seen. We got in our car early one bright sunny morning and headed south, although Elder Archibald would swear we were headed north. Our final destination south would be Fox Glacier but we would stop periodically to take a break.
Much of the time we would be driving through trees much like above and then we would drive by a picturesque lake like the one in the following picture.
I can't remember the name of this beautiful lake but it was on the coast side of the road. There were places for boating and kayaking. It was breath-taking.
Then we would be driving along and it would be open on one side and the mountains would rise sharply on the other side of the road. It is simply beautiful everywhere we go.
Isn't it just beautiful. But as we were getting closer to our destination the clouds started to move in.
If it is a sunny day you can take a photo of the magnificent Mt. Cook--Aoraki. But of course the clouds had moved in so we just got the bottomw of the mountain. You can drive to the base of the mountain but you have to do so from the other side of the island, although there are scenic flights via helicopter and small plane over the mountain.
Here is Elder Archibald near the base of Fox Glacier. The spectacle of this giant river of ice as it cuts through dramatic glacial valleys is captivating. The Fox Glacier grinds its way down from the Southern Alps at the rate of 1 to 4 m. a day, and while many glaciers worldwide have been retreating, Fox Glacier and its northern neighbour Franz Josef, still flow almost to sea level. They are both part of the South West New Zealnad World Heritage Area. The ancient Fox Glacier is nestled amidst primeval rainforest, an untamed yet accessible wilderness. We found it amazing as we drove up to the glacier--the turquoise water, the forest, the waterfalls, and the steep rock walls.
Just a couple of more pictures of our trip to the glacier.
The township of Fox Glacier. It is quaint. Look at the small mountains.
A long one-way bridge on the way.
Coming back from Fox Glacier we had a great trip. We stopped in Greymouth for a break and then journeyed home. We had passed by the Truman Track countless times and were always going to stop so today we did. It is a short walk through the rainforest to the ocean. Below you can see the symbolic Silver Fern.
Here is Elder Archibald among the native trees. They are massive. After about a 15 minute walk you come out to the ocean or rather the Tasman Sea. It is protected here and in the evenings you can see the Blue Penguin. All day they are at sea fishing.

Well that's the end of the tourist trip but I want to show you some interesting plants near our flat. The colorful plants at the base of the rose plants are kale. They are edible but this gentleman just planted them for color.

Our Zone:Elder Archibald, myself, Sister Jolliffe, Elder Philip, Elder Prebble, Elder Berryman, Elder Hopoate, Elder Tamale (younger brother to the other Elder Tamale), Elder McLean, Elder Gale, Elder Hill and President Jolliffe. What a great meal!
Another picture.