Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Know My Savior Lives!

This picture is of one of the Rhododendron (Rhodies) outside our chapel. These plants are in bloom all over the countryside at this time of year and it is absolutely beautiful. The blooms occur just at the end of each bunch of leaves. There are many colors but I believe I like this pink the best. Unfortunately, the wind and rain cause the blossoms to fall off. I took this picture this morning as we entered the chapel to prepare for our Primary Presentation.
Above you can see Levi, Kahn, and Samuel kind of hiding. This was last week after we had practice for the program.
Now you can see Samuel, Becca, and Kahn. The young children really look up to Kahn, and Levi for good examples.
Above you can see Brian Anderson. Elder Archibald is playing with Rahul and Joshua is watching. I couldn't get a picture of all the primary together. They just wouldn't all cooperate at the same time so there you have the six wonderful children.
Today was our presentation. Levi and Kahn have been with us all year and Becca, Samuel, Rahul, and Joshua since August and September. Today they shared with the congregation, what they have learned about the Savior this year in Primary. Because our Primary is so small we have the congregation sing all the songs with us. It really involves everyone. The children did a fabulous job sharing their talents and testimony of the Savior. Kahn and Levi are such great examples and the little children love them. The boys led out and the young ones participated as best as they could. There is a new song this year--"I Know That My Savior Loves Me". It is beautiful and talks about how even though we didn't live at the time of the Savior and sit on His knee we can still feel His love as we learn about Him. Kahn and Levi had a favorite this year and it was "He Sent His Son" . Today in singing time they sang it so beautifully. It would have been lovely if they would have sung it in Church but they were just too shy to do that but in Primary time they sing right out.
This year I have been able to work with the music in Primary and will get them started for next year. Primary is not really out of my comfort zone but much of what else I do is. Through music I have felt my testimony grow more each week.

Fish and Chips

A couple of years ago Merle and I were in London with my family. We looked everywhere for traditional Fish and Chips wrapped in newspaper. Well here in New Zealand you can get the traditional type from the corner Dairy. A Dairy here in New Zealand is a convenience store with milk, soda, a few grocery items, newspapers, phone cards, and lollies. Also "Take Aways", usually fish and chips. We have found our favorite Dairy just down Derby Street about 2 blocks from our flat at Arkwrights Dairy. Merle, at first, thought that there was only milk and ice cream at the dairy because of the name but he has since found out what else is available.
We don't have fish and chips very often but when we do we sure enjoy them. The fish is freshly caught. We never knew that there were so many varieties of fish. Usually it is monk fish,which is so mild, in the fish and chips. We have learned that half a scoop of chips is plenty for the two of us. We got the above fish and chips and took them for a picnic at a surf competition on Labour Weekend at Turanga Bay, near the seal colony. It was a definite treat. Labour Weekend was at the end of October.
Above you can see the view from atop a local mountain. We were up in Denniston, almost a ghost town now, but used to be a thriving coal mining town. When driving down the roads one does not realize that there are paddocks behind the bush but from above you can see forever. Beyond the land is the Tasman Sea which was gray this day because of the overcast skies.