Tuesday, October 19, 2010

President Jolliffe Visits Westport

A while ago we invited President Jolliffe to come and visit Westport. He has been the President of the New Zealand Wellington Mission since June 2008 and the members here have longed for him to visit them on the West Coast. They have met him at District Conference but he has never been to their home area. So Elder Archibald and I issued him and his delightful wife an invitation to visit us. And he came. He was delayed a week. The weather was oh so stormy, but he flew into Nelson and rented a car. He drove to Greymouth via Reefton on the Saturday and did a fireside there. We drove down to the fireside. The seas were wild and there had even been high sea warnings out. I wish you could see how wild the seas really were but this picture will have to suffice.
At the fireside Sister Jolliffe spoke of the importance of Family Home Evening. During this time we are able to get closer with our families and teach them so they are strong and fortified against the trials that will come. Our families are blessed when we take time to spend with them each week. It becomes a tradition that children will remember. I remember all the years our family held family home evenings before it became a big push in the Church. It was one of the many things my father did to strengthen our family and bring us closer. President Jolliffe spoke about being a goal-setting people. It becomes a cycle we follow all of our lives. The things we do become the brush strokes in our canvas of life. After being fed spiritually we were fed by the members in Greymouth. All had brought a plate. We did Apple Salad which was a hit and pretzel jello salad, also a hit. An interesting side note--they always feed you well in Greymouth. Sister Kinikini had loaded a plate of desserts for President and Sister Jolliffe. President Jolliffe begged Elder Fullmer to help him out but Elder Fullmer declined saying, "I have been here six months and gotten fat. You can handle the dessert." We laughed and laughed. Elder Fullmer had not gotten fat but he had been well fed--he had to exercise lots to stay fit.

The next day our branch was blessed to have President and Sister Jolliffe visit Westport. This day Sister Jolliffe talked about the Savior being our Lighthouse. The human eye can discern a candle at 50 km. on a clear night. We need to be the candle that someone is watching. She also shared and experience of when their family got chooks. She told of how when they first got them they tried to bring them in to the coop before they were ready to come in for the night. They spent hours the first few times. Then one night they were away and a little late getting home. When they went out to gather the chooks in for the night the chooks were already in the coop, nested for the evening. When the chooks were willing to be gathered to a safe and secure place they knew where to go. She likened that to our less active members. They know where there is safety and security and if they are nourished with the light of the gospel they will be willing to be gathered when they are ready. We can't force them, just be there and be constant with our love. President Jolliffe talked about miracles. All at one time knew of the Plan of Happiness. Right now, as through the ages there is a tug of war between the Lord and the adversary. We need to make sure we stay on the side of the Lord. True Christianity is love in action.
Here are Levi and Kahn visiting with President Jolliffe. They loved having this opportunity to meet the mission president.
Here is Sister Jolliffe with Fuata. We had a lovely meal after meetings this day. Fuata is from Fiji and has twin sons that are 6.
In this picture you can see our twins, Rahul, Joshua, (they are Fuata's sons); Amelia, Lydia and Lyn. Lydia is Lyn's grand-daughter and Amelia is her sister.
It was a great time for our branch when the President and his wife visited.

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  1. We have great mission presidents in the Church and their wives are terrific. Sounds like yours is no exception to that rule.