Monday, February 15, 2010

Rest of the Week

On the left is a picture of the blossoms found on the tree below. Almost every tree blossoms here. It is so beautiful. Different ones keep blooming. It will be sad when fall comes.

At the left you can see one of the many interesting bugs found here in New Zealand. This one did not bite me as many others have. I think that I am fresh blood. I have bites all over my ankles. They don't seem to bother Elder Archibald, and I think it is because of the oil I rub on him each night. The bugs are about the wildest things we have seen here. They do have birds that are unusual. I have only seen deer raised in paddocks.

This next is a picture I took from the car. This tree is so pretty. It has beautiful pick blossoms. We have seen this tree often as we have journeyed between Nelson and Westport.

Next is the first place 1/2 marathon finisher. On Saturday they held the Buller Marathon. It was the worst weather they had had in 28 years. Some of the racers said when they were dropped off in the gorge it was just like being dumped in a swimming pool. They had over 2 inches of rain in less than an hour. We spent the day at the square watching the runners and walkers come in. They entered through the Memorial Gates. The oldest to complete the marathon was an 88 year old gentleman. He pushed a stroller full of rocks so he could maintain his balance. After most of the marathoners had completed they had a mini-marathon for the youngsters up to 12 years old. They were able to come in the same gates as the marathoners. This activity really brings the community together. It is international--a couple from Australia, a few from USA and Canada, and a few from Europe. They had 300 more entrants this year than last.

Last evening we went to visit a couple that we met on the street. When we passed them in the afternoon the wife kind of smiled and said "Good morning." We are slow and kept walking but as we were talking about it realized that they must of known we were LDS. Do you think the badges gave us away? Anyway, we saw them later at the grocery store and so I got brave and visited with them. Elder with pen in hand got their names and address and phone number. We asked if we could come and visit them and She said yes if you bring a vacuum. Last night we went to visit them. They had known and loved Elder Hudson when he was in Christchurch as their neighbor. They got married last month. They have an adorable 2 1/2 year old and are expecting a new addition in April. The little girl took to me and we had a great visit. I wish we had pictures.

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  1. I must say again that I can't believe how beautiful it is there!! It's cold & drizzly here today. Is that a praying mantis in that picture? Those are cool bugs. I'm glad you are doing well. Lots of love to you!