Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kia Ora

It is nice to have internet finally at our flat. I will try and describe what we have been doing in this beautiful country. The above picture is of Nelson. We have been there twice and are becoming a little familiar with the area. It is an absolutely beautiful city. It is built on and around hills. Besides driving on the other side of the road and doing round abouts clockwise, it is an easy city to get around. Elder Archibald has done a fantastic job of driving.
There are interesting bugs in this country. This one did not bite. The worst bugs I have found are the sand flies. Their bites are vicious and as itchy or more so than mosquitoes at home. The mosquitoes here are about 3 times larger than any I have seen at home. This bug was found outside the new flat of the Elders in Nelson.
All the trees are in blossom right now. This one was on the boulevard going to downtown Nelson. I wish the picture was as beautiful as the trees were. They were lining the grass way between the traffic. It was amazingly beautiful.
This picture is outside one of the flats we looked at. In the picture are Elder Barker from south Jordan, Elder Archibald, and Elder Kitekeiaho from Auckland. We wish we had secured this flat as it was gorgeous but they did secure one very nice that we had looked at earlier. It was such a beautiful day.
In the center you can see Kahn doing a back flip onto the beach. He is extremely athletic. He is one of the 2 boys in our primary., He surveyed the area before the flip which surprised me and his mother. He must have been hurt at sometime because he didn't inspect the area. I believe he is made of rubber. This day was family day at the beach. This beach is only about 10 minutes from our flat.
This is the Clough Family from Ikamatua. They work on a dairy. They have a lovely family. Bradley is the father, Sophie the mother. Gabriella is Bradley's sister and going to Christchurch for school. Rueben is the oldest. Owen is with Elder Kaufusi(from Tonga). Little Bear(Cooper) is on his mother's knee. Elder Beckwith from Adelaide is behind Bradley. We have really enjoyed our visits with this young family. The Woods(Rex and Collette) met this family 7 years ago when they were here on their mission. However, they were way south in the Invecargil area. Missing from the picture is Hana the daughter but we have her picture later. These lovely people belong to the Greymouth Branch. That is 1 1/2 hours from here in Westport.
Here is Hana, the beautiful daughter. When she came in from school this day it was like a magnet drew her to Elder Archibald. She had been so sad when she missed us last week. She is 6, almost 7. We had a great visit with her when she came home from school. When we left she and the rest begged us to come back and we assured them we would.
This is Ian Williams, with his Chooks. That is NZ for chickens. Merle(Elder Archibald) had a hard time deciding what chooks were when we first heard them talk about the chooks. Here most chickens are free range. Today we were at Ian's neighbors and they told us they call the young ones chickens but after a certain age they are chooks. We are certainly getting a vocabulary education while we are here. Ian is the son of a very active member of our branch here in Westport. When we went to visit on Friday we had a great visit. It is nice to be in the country. At the end of our visit we invited him to Church on Sunday and much to our delight he was there. His dear mother was just thrilled. When Elder Archibald said "We'll see you in two weeks." He responded okay. He works every other Sunday. We will visit him when he gets off shift work. The people here are so friendly.
I am not sure what the above plant is. I think it is a hydrangia(not sure of the spelling) At home they really have to be babied and are usually house plants. I have seen them a lot around Mother's Day. Here they grow wild and beautiful. They are around the roadsides and up driveways. This is truly an amazing country. We love it here. We are busy and happy. We miss our family but have faith they are well taken care of. We so appreciate their support. We also appreciate the support of our good friends. Take care and know we love you. The title of this week is the greeting you hear everywhere.


  1. It looks so beautiful & WARM there! It sounds like you're doing great which just makes me smile. We want to see pictures of you, too, Sister Archibald! Love you both!

  2. Are you receiving our comments?

  3. Nice to see the pictures and hear of your adventures in NZ.. We found out today that we do not go to the MTC or Provo Temple before our mission.. We leave Glenwood on July 8th for Fiji.
    We talk soon.
    D & R