Sunday, January 31, 2010

We've Been Here a Month!

This is a picture of two really nice girls. They were visiting the Grandmother in Karamea. It was an adventure getting to their grandma's home. Along the coast and then up over and back down a steep bluff. Very winding roads. Then we got to where they had tied red plastic indicating the driveway. It was kind of like a quad trail, but we drove our Toyota up and it was quite an adventure. It was so peaceful there and one could really hide from the world here. The girls names are Madicyn and Tazmyn. They were darling.

We have been in Westport, New Zealand for almost a month. Above you can see some of the seals at the local colony. We went to see them when we first got here because they migrate elsewhere until next October. They will be leaving shortly.

This is a picture of our flat and the Toyota we drive on the other side of the road. The steering wheel is on the right side and more that once I have gone to get in on the wrong side. Elder Archibald is an awesome driver. We still do not have internet at our flat but today we are sitting in front of the library, catching up on email, banking, and reading blogs and updating ours briefly.

This is Hawks Crag. It is one way, cut out of rock. You can see the road from a ways up the road. They say that when it really floods the water comes up to here. The Buller River is below, about 30 to 50 feet. It is hard to imagine the river getting that high, although when we first arrived it rained for days. But right now it is nice and sunny. Today is Anniversary Day for the Buller area and it is a public holiday. School starts for the children tomorrw. They have just had 6 weeks vacation.

Elder Archibald took a walk in the sea to see if his feet would calm. We saw shells, birds and many jellyfish on the beach. It is really lovely here and we love the people. Will post more when we hopefully get internet at our flat.


  1. So wonderful to hear news from New Zealand!! I'm glad you're doing well. It looks beautiful there. We're keeping you in our prayers. Love you!

  2. Nice house and car.. Hope you are well and happy. WE sure are!

  3. Just wanted to wish Helena a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and continued good health! Love your blog. Keep up the good work! I hope Merle is cooking you a great birthday dinner!