Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Week

On Tuesday Elder Archibald and I drove down to the MTC for a devotional. We have been missing the special spirit that we felt during the week we stayed there. Tonight Elder Neal L. Anderson spoke to us. His wife spoke first and then they had their grandchildren sing a medley of Christmas songs. This is one thing I have been missing--children. One thing that Elder Anderson told us was "Things that have value have to be paid for in advance." He talked about knowing Christ and that it comes by degrees. How appropriate at this time of year.
On Christmas morning Elder Perry and his wife were the guests. Before they spoke 2 sisters performed Mary's Lullaby. It was so beautiful. Sister Perry reminded us to remember the "Hope of the Babe." Elder Perry told us that our Christmas at the MTC and our next Christmas will always be special for us as we teach about families and the gospel. It was special. The Perry family shared Christmas scriptures and then they spent the day with the missionaries for lunch. We came back to Tricia's .
In the evening we went back to the MTC. Greg Olsen was the guest speaker. I have always loved his paintings but now have even a greater appreciation for them. I picked this picture because of the shepherd. Brother Olsen told as a young boy they herded sheep by driving them and hoping they would go where they wanted them to go. He said as an adult he went to the Holy Land and there he saw shepherds who led their sheep. The sheep knew the shepherd voice and followed him. I am reminded of when we had sheep and the sheep knew Merle's voice and would come or follow him. The Savior is our shepherd and I pray that we can all follow him.

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