Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Week At the MTC

Last week we spent an awesome time at the Missionary Training Center.(MTC) We arrived Monday morning shortly after 10:00 a.m. and were directed to our room where we dropped off the luggage and began the process. It had been slushy so we were careful where we walked. This is me on the way to training. We don't even have our badges yet.

The above picture is Merle(Elder Archibald) on the sidewalk as we headed to our first class. We don't even have our badges yet. He still looks fresh off the farm. We were about to begin our adventure. We entered a room and went to Sister Prestwich first. She showed us how to put on our badges--over the left side because we serve with all our heart, might and mind. We met Elder and Sister Buchanan who are called to serve during the week so each Monday they greet a new batch of Senior Missionaries and spend time with us through the week and try to make us comfortable. We met with a nurse who recorded our shots and then with someone who would answer any questions and then finally with a woman who gave us a packet that we needed to go to the bookstore to get. I think by now it was nearly lunch so we went to the MTC Bookstore and back to the large room and put down our books. Then we had lunch.

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