Monday, December 21, 2009

More of Our Week

These are the young missionaries that are coming to our Mission. Sister Inman from Bountiful and Elder Sharkey from Glendale. They get to fly out today the 21st and we were wishing that we could fly too.
This is a representation of missionaries going throughout the world to preach the gospel. We do not have all of their energy but we love the gospel.
Between the Wilford Woodruff Building and The Bookstore was a display of Christmas lights. It was so beautiful. We hope to also go to Temple Square while we are waiting. I love the lights at Christmas time.
On Tuesday when we went to the Post Office I heard a loud squealing "Elder Archibald". I wondered who on earth Merle(Oops Elder Archibald) knew now. The young lady came whirling out of the post office and threw her arms around me and it was Heather Burt. What a wonderful thing to see and visit with her.

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  1. I have a picture of me in front of that world map with my companion pointing at Bulgaria. It's fun to see you guys have your mission experiences. It reminds me of mine. You guys are going to be awesome misisonaries!!