Friday, July 23, 2010

This and That!

When we shifted here we wondered what to do with the garbage. Many people hire "Clean Green Bin". We put our garbage in the bin and when it is full we call "Clean Green Bin" and they pick up the bin and give you a new one. Merle being the bargain hunter that he is learned quickly that if he did the "Garbage Stomp" we only had to get a new bin every two months. Also, each Tuesday the town comes by and picks up recycling plastics and paper. That lessened the amount that was going in the "Green Bin". So above you can see Merle doing the "Garbage Stomp". The first time I saw this I laughed and laughed and forgot to take a picture, but I was prepared last time. It costs $13.oo to get the bin dumped and it is going up to $14.oo next month. We can get 2 months out of a bin. That is pretty economical.

We have purchased a digital projector and speakers so we can show free movies at our building. Last week was our first movie. We showed "Suits on the Loose". We made buttered popcorn and waited for guests. The Elders were up from Greymouth and did some inviting and we did also. We had 6 active branch members that didn't come. We had 4 non-members come and one inactive sister come. We also had others from the branch. In total we had 17 people at our movie night. It was a great success. There was also heaps of socializing done after the movie and we are going to continue to have these activities. Tomorrow the District Presidency is coming for a visit and they suggested an activity tonight. Since it is Pioneer Day at home we are going to show Legacy. With the projector we can make it large screen. People who have been to the theatre here say our picture and sound is better than the theatres and we have popcorn. Can you believe a theatre without popcorn? We have again invited many people and hope for a great turnout again tonight. I love Legacy.

Here you can see Trevor, our friend and investigator, holding his wife's rock. She is like Mom and loves rocks and collects them as she walks on the beach. She found this rock one day on the beach. Trevor carried it for a while then walked back for the vehicle and drove back to get the rock. It is quite heavy. I can understand Sue's fascination with rocks--there are many beautiful stones and rocks on the beach. I have even started my own collection. I am just not sure how I will get them home with weight restrictions. Maybe I'll mail them. Can you just hear Merle when I try to get some of them home?

This is Sue with her Taro. It is just massive. She does a lot of cooking with the Taro and will share with us. The elders were impressed with her stand of Taro and she gave them some starts to take to Greymouth. They are going to give it to President Kinikini as he has Taro, but the elders say it is not nearly so big. Granity has a better climate than Greymouth. Sue and Trevor say it never freezes there. Can you believe how green it is for mid winter?
We are truly blessed with our abundance of friends and family and health and the gospel.

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