Monday, August 16, 2010

Shrek and Princess Fiona

At the end of July our small branch held a Mid-Winter Medieval Festival. We were to all dress in costumes such as what they wore back then. We were also to bring a plate. My costume box is non-existent here in New Zealand and I wracked my brain for what Merle could dress as. I finally came up with an idea, but it included my clothes. He would have a large shirt over some tight pants like the pages dressed in the Medieval Times. He had problems with the shirt as it buttoned on the opposite side to what he is used to. I had seen pictures on the internet. That night as he was getting ready, I laughed until tears ran down my cheeks. He was so cute. I thought it was great and he was such a good sport.
However, one of the sisters thought he reminded her of Shrek. Notice, the broomstick. That is his horse and he is ready for the jousting competition. The children really didn't get the jousting, they just wanted to whack each other with the noodles. We had also bought a piece of foam and made 5 swords. They were the hit of the evening with the children and they were not lethal.
We had many games for the children. Above, you can see them getting ready for the wheelbarrow race. You can see Levi, Kahn, Lydia, Thea-Rose, Bailey, Nathaniel, Amelia, and missing is her partner Jake. The children had so much fun and when the adults did boring things like singing and visiting the children went outside and played their own games. All the children went home that night and told their parents how much fun they had had at the Church.
Here I am with Thea Williams, who is the Activities Chairperson. She couldn't stop laughing that night. She had planned such a fun activity. She said that perhaps she could never take "President Archibald" seriously again as she would forever picture him in costume. In fact she woke up the next morning giggling at the image.
The above picture might be another reason she was giggling. You can see "Shrek" and Sir Reginal. Reg went into the grocery store where his grand-daughter works and went up to her till. She was so embarrassed that she knew this man. Gina has it recorded on video. What a grand pair to participate so fully in the evening.

Above is on picture of many of the group. for my memory there is on the front Thea Rose, Thea, Bonnie, Joy, Bev, Maraea, Levi, myself, and Kahn. On the back there is Ann, Steve, Peter Stack. Jonny, Brian, and Elder Archibald.

We had such fun together this night. We sang old songs, played games, visited and ate. To go into the eating portion of the evening we played the Grand Old Duke of York--kind of like a folk dance we do at home, the Virginia Reel. Some people had even gotten recipes of food from the period--steamed pudding, something with cabbage and mashed potatoes, drumsticks, and mutton. There was other normal food as well.

It was a grand night. We had 3 less actives and 7 non-members in attendance. It is helping to grow our small branch.

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