Monday, August 16, 2010


At home you hear talk of mold but I had honestly never seen any in homes, just what grew on old food in the fridge. Here in New Zealand it is a real problem. When we do flat inspections we check for mold but I had never really seen any that I recognized. Now my eyes have been opened and I see it everywhere. We even had some growing in our cupboard above the stove. There is no fan there and the steam rises up the cupboard. We have cleaned it and now it is good. When we did our flat inspection in Blenheim the last time we noticed mold growing in a bag of flour. Then we got to inspecting closer and there was black mold on the wall where they hung their clothes to dry before they got the drier. There was even some in the bathroom on the ceiling and walls. Well we put our work clothes on and the elders put their work clothes on and we went to work. Now the Blenheim flat is mold free. Hopefully, it stays that way. After working Elder Archibald cooked pancakes for Elder Hill and Elder Kavaefiafi. He even did scrambled eggs.
After breakfast, we departed and headed for an adventure on our way home. We went to Havelock and drove the Queen Charlotte Drive in the Marlborough Sounds. It was so beautiful.
Merle had a treat this day as I did the driving and he was the tourist. We traveled this road through the sounds from Havelock to Picton. Sometimes we could stop and look around. We saw the port at Picton where ships come in and out of. This is also where the ferry comes connecting the North Island to the South Island.

This is the map of our drive. After we drove this we headed South to Blenheim and then on to Kaikoura. We had never driven this way before and wanted to see new country. At Ohau Point there is a fur seal colony. For miles along the road there are seals resting on the rocks. I am not sure how they get on top of some of the rocks. Also, some of the inquisitive pups have started swimming up the Ahau Stream to a pool at the base of a 30-metre waterfall while their mothers are out at sea fishing. They are so fun to watch.

Then we journeyed on and came over Lewis Pass back to Westport. It was a fun day of work and sightseeing. We were going to stay somewhere overnight but we were close enough to home we just drove on home. We are sure blessed to be able to serve in this beautiful land. I can see why grandma loved it so. We were in her stomping grounds today.

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